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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Nothing pulls together a look of elegance more so, in my opinion, than a big, beautiful, voluptuous bun. Big buns have the illusion of only being a fashion that those with uber long and beautiful hair can master. Until recently when I pulled my hair up and into a bun it resemble the week geeky bun of the beauty salon. My bun got bullied hard core by the fatter, tighter, and more perfect buns. Thanks to Elle Canada and Loepsie I have managed to master the "sock bun" transforming my ugly duckling of a hair bun into a chubby beautiful swan.
 (Take that bun bullies!)

A Sock Bun works great for shoulder length hair and longer. As long as you choose a sock that is close to your hair color no one will be able to tell that you have a sock in your hair. 

Start by cutting the toes off of an athletic sock.

Then roll the sock up starting with the missing toe, until the sock takes on a tight donut shape.

Put your hair into a pony tail, and slide the sock bun on to your pony tail. 

Keep the sock close to the end of your hair and fold your hair over the sock.

Once the sock is somewhat covered with your hair roll the sock/hair down closer to your scalp.

The sock bun does not require a lot of extra bobby pins, however because my hair is somewhat short I like to secure my ends in place. 

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