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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tone: Beautiful Legs

Stretching is the muscles health equivalent of flossing your teeth every day. For some reason both flossing and stretching get neglected on a regular basis. Active stretching can decrease ones risk of activity related injury and can help promote circulation within the body. When muscles get tight, they swell up which makes it more difficult for blood and oxygen to circulate through the body. Often when circulation is challenged, there will be a build up of painful lactic acid.

To get a proper stretch takes time; I like to mix flexibility into my strength toning workouts. I find that when I combine stretching with toning I get quick results and don't have to suffer through any painful recovery days. 

This leg routine, has you focus on lengthening and stretching you big leg muscles as you perform the strength building exercises. It is inspired by the Tracy Anderson Method. The only equipment needed for this routine is a sturdy chair. The chair can act as a reference which makes it easier to focus on elongating through the movements. 

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