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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fat Lashes

When it comes to fat there is one body part I want maximized; and it isn't my Kim Kardashian butt. I want Fat, voluptuous, lashes. Mascara: I can't live with out it. 

Mascara is a miracle worker. To just apply it leaves you feeling vitalized and fresh faced. I'm a mascara addict. I must have at least 6 different kind of mascara in my make up bag each with their own unique characteristics.

I use a rich brown mascara for days I don't have time to do make up. The brown looks less harsh against the face. I have a waterproof for the gym, and all sorts of lengthening, voluming, and condition mascaras. The way I see it is you cant go wrong with mascara.

When I stated wearing makeup, my mom instilled in me to never use someone elses mascara or to wear mascara older than 6 months. She's a doctor, so I take her advice seriously. I sometimes wanna stretch the life of a mascara but if starts to clump its time to say goodbye.  The 6 month life of mascara is to long, according to recent health research. Mascara should be trashed every three months. Failure to do so can cause: Red eye, pink-eye, itchy eyes, and conjunctivitis. 

Think about it- Our eyelashes evolved for the function of protecting our eyes. They catch all sorts of bacteria. When every we comb our lash lashes with the applicator what ever was on the hair is now on the brush and back in the tube. Mascara is moist and usually stored at room temperature. The Perfect breading ground for nasty bacterias. 

I'm not trying to freak you, Mascara is my go to beauty product love. Bacteria build up can be easily reduced by combing your eyelashes with a separate wand/comb before applying, by roatating the applicator into the tube, and by always removing left over makeup before applying new makeup. Beauty experts say that if there is one product to cheap on it would be mascara. There is virtually no difference between a $10 tube and a $20 tube. 

It's easy: for healthy eyes toss the tube every 90 days. 

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