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Friday, September 16, 2011

Dress Up-

Spokane May not have all the "rad"ness of the Venice board walk in Cali- And there certainly may not be endless avenues of amazing vintage shops stocked with even greater finds- But if you are willing to search with an explorers curiosity you will find more than you could dream.

The South Perry district of Spokane is pretty incredible; and so under rated. The vibe is relaxed; the locals are friendly. South Perry Street is an eclectic bouquet of slightly mixed matched businesses. 

I was so happy to stumble across Veda Lux: a tiny house transformed into a vintage oasis. It reminded me of Mr. Dress Up and his fabulous tickle trunk.

My first breath of Veda Lux was: "oh my, where do I begin?" before the though had a chance to process my interest was captured by a rack of boots. Even though the volume of inventory is impressive it took only minutes to discover classic treasures. 
My Finds:

Fringe boots...
a pretty rad day dress...

a wicked vintage crystal Drusy pendant.

SO go explore and dig around. And if you are ever in Spokane check out  Veda Lux on facebook- 

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