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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Do it your self magic

Fashion-playing dress up, probably one of my favorite things to do. There is something so satisfying about creating a look and finding the right shade of red lipstick and accessories to complement. Sometimes my creations work, other times...not so much. 

Currently Im liking pink, and polka-dots. Super girly, I know-but wtf. My fads, come and constantly evolve. I struggle to find exactly what I want-when shopping. So I began to experiment with craft and fashion my own accessories.

I wanted bangles, fun spunky bangles. So out of resin and a chosen design I made my self and uber girl bracelet. The white polka dots work great with my white nail polish. 

My crafting fun continued. I need earrings too. Growing up, my brothers always gave my mom a hard time about her "M&M" outfits. My mom, is a matching queen. She will pick a color or pattern to cover herself in. One Christmas she had a neon green pant suit and paired it with neon green pumps. My brothers and I sited temporary blindness do the excess of bright green. SO my earrings aren't miniatures of my bracelet but their own identity.

Pink Button Hearts. 

Love Creativity,
Live creatively.

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