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Friday, September 16, 2011

NEON bright

Do you remember your Mr. Sketch markers you know the one's that smelt sooo good. They had a big felt tip perfect add sass to your lemonade stand posters or for self coloring streaks in your hair at age 8. Of course the color would fade- or worse yet be hardly noticeable in brown hair. I'd openly wish for brighter markers. Neon markers. Color that would show on my naturally dark hair. 

I have a mad love for any and all things neon. The sheer attention grabbing power of the color-  I'm a fan. I'm liking this trend of  neon lights in hair. I don't want permanent pink power: just temporary. I prefer to be able to wash out the bright. Heaven forbid, it might cause a clash. 

 One of my favorite Hair brands, Kevin Murphy, has just come out with "color bug" a hair pomade with color that allows you to play magic marker with your hair. I love it as I'm sure you will too. Color Bug comes in pink, purple, and orange check out for more information.

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