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Monday, September 19, 2011

A bewitching Read

I'm kind of a nerd who loves to read. Escaping to a fictional universe is a such a joy, I love the poetism in sentences and I'm a sucker for stories of magic, love, the impossible...whatever. A strong writer  can solicit the imagination far more powerfully than any TV producer. The Twilight series was a fun easy read; the marriage of plausible and fantasy tickled my interest. Twilight was good, but the series has nothing on what is to be "The All Souls Trilogy," by Deborah Harkness.

The first book in the series: "A Discovery of Witches, (Harkness 2011) appeared on my desk randomly. I didn't open the book right away, in truth I doubted the books potential, a historical fiction, really? 

I had finished my summer reads early, I had  packed two books for a three week vacation at the lake cabin not realizing the total isolation I would endure. I was in desperate need of new novel. The cabin had no phone, Internet, and horrible cell service.  When I rediscover, A Discover of Witches, lounging about I was mystified.  Within minutes of reading I had become completely and irrevocably bewitched by the story line. I could not put the book down.

Deborah Harkness has created a world so believable that the fidelity of the circumstances could and would be plausible in our physical world. The world of the novel is populated by witches, demons, vampires and humans. The story is centered around an idea of origins: who are we, and where do we come from? When a young witch discovers an ancient manuscript that is believed to explain all that has ever been asked- chaos and confusion run amok.

The discovery is scandalized by creatures, and accompanied by forbidden love. The book is addictive. You have to read it! Its captivating; in short it is twilight for adults-. I am in  and eager state of  anticipation  awaiting the release of the second book in the soon to materialize All Souls Trilogy. 

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