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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall TV gems- 2 Broke Girls

Fall TV is finally here. I'm stoked. I swear at the end of a brain sucking day a cleverly written sit-com can given you the needed umph to crack a half crooked smile. CBS' new comedy: Two broke girls will lead you beyond a crooked smile and have you seizing with laughter.

Two Broke Girls, is the love child making, from Micheal Patrick King (Sex and the City) and Whitney Cummings (Chelsea Lately).

The Show centers on the lives of two twenty somethings trying to survive the concrete jungle of New York. Two Broke Girls stars Kat Dennings as Max Black, and Beth Behrs as Caroline Channing. Max is a savvy, tough, emotionally vacant Brooklyn girl. Max knows the city and survives on a month to month reality working two jobs she is a waitress at a dive dinner, and a Nanny for some "uppity social lite." Caroline in contrast is a frivolous upper-eastsider  with a sharp business sense and kind heart. Caroline's families billions is assets have been seized in result of her white collar criminal father. Apparently he was the mastermind of some ludicrous ponzy scheme.

Caroline, is completely out of touch with reality. She the skills to survive the working world. In a half serious attempt to join the working world while on "a Manahhatan hiatus" she shows up at the dinner with an exaggerated resume, and the expectation that waitress-ing is easy. The show is hilarious. It is a dark, ironic, sex and the city styled comedy. Complete with sexy men, cute fashion, wicked writing and black humour.  

Watch it, Tivo it- You won't be disappointed.

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