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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love for Fall

September to me is always an exciting month. The city is finally back from it's summer vacation, as memories of the lack are forced into the background to make room for change in seasons. Fall marks a mental period of organization, resolutions, and new ideas. The brainy aspect of the seasons force practical behaviour. Fall means winter is around the corner! You're basically forced to stock up on winter necessities: fabulous boots, blazers, pants, jackets, snow gear. I love fall, almost as much an I love winter. 

I find it important to set my routine whenever my schedule changes. I find that I don't have the time unless i make the time. September is a perfect month to make exercise a priority. We are lucky in the pacific north west the days are still beautiful and the nights cool down nicely. With cooler weather just around the corner I'm enjoying exercising outside. Getting back to your exercise routine does not mean hours at the gym- 

 I have two workout ideals. Tracy Anderson,, and lulu-lemon. Lulu-lemon,, makes the most amazing workout gear. Lulu fits, performs, and lets you look adorable while drenched in sweat. Tracy method forces you to switch up your workout. 

For my run I took inspiration from Tracy's Treadmill workout. I mixed the skipping, leaps, and side shuffles into my jog. Looking like dork when exercising is expected, hence my love for lulu all dorky-ness is erased by sheer fact that your ass looks amazing. The result a complete body burn that challenged my concentration; and left me feeling recharged while sufficiently exhausted.  Try the workout first, and then try to repeat it once, then twice. You'll love it. 

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