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Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday, Funday, Fitday

The work week is finally over, and I for one cannot be more excited. I love school, truly, but for the first time in my scholastic career I am actually a little overwhelmed by the work load. I know that insanity of pressure is all for my best interest. I'm thrilled to be out of my comfort zone; because that is where real lessons are learned.

My mind has been cruising the auto-bond on auto pilot all week. I have been a stress case; and am so excited to just go and sweat it all out. Nothing clears my head like the cocktail of fresh air and exercises.

Workouts need variety, and need your focus. You can't do the same exact workout everyday and expect changes in your body, mind, or spirit. As Tracy Anderson would say, You need to manipulate the accessory muscles into participating. Muscles need to be challenged and they need to be exhausted.

SO I'm going for a run today; not an ordinary run. A Tracy Anderson inspired run.

5km (30min):
- Warm up with a light jog for 2-4 mins
- High knee skip for 2-4 mins
- Side Shuffle for 2min each side
- Sprint for 1 min, slow jog for 30sec, sprint for 1min, slow jog for 30 sec
- easy jog for 2 mins
- running leaps (20 each side) (2 min)
- bum kicks for 1 min
- High Knee run for 1 min
- Walking High Leg kicks for 2 mins
- Light jog for 2 mins
- Repeat sprints (3min)
-Skip for 1 min
- Easy jog for 2 mins
-Walk for 1 min

(Walking Leg Kicks)

Create a play list, and get moving! 

(Tracy's Treadmill workout if you need more inspiration)

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