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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dance for fitness

As if you need a reason to dance, but in case you do: exercisers who opt for dance aerobics or dance inspired cardio and conditioning have less concentrated body fat. Dance freaks, typically have flatter tummies.  Dancing is believed to reduce the Buddha Belly syndrome because the whole body is engaged in the movements, which tricks us into performing. 

Dance is fantastic because our largest muscles (which burn the most calories) are in our legs.  Dance utilizes minor and major leg movements through the incorporate of a wide variety of leg movements including plies, leaps, kicks, and attitudes. The whole body is working- 

The challenge of following choreography and keeping up with the beat stimulates the mind. Focus is required. The active memory engagement compliments and enhances our short term memory.  

The high energy music can boosts our moods. Leaving us more positive and willing to add our own personal twist to the movements. This further engages self expression which builds confidence.

 SO in short I'm saying Dance; You'll look better, feel better, and even remember more. The Tracy Anderson Method is my personal favorite: try her, or take a zumba class.

 I don't care- Just dance.  

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