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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sweat: Long Lean Arms

I'm built like a gymnast; small and compact. I have broad shoulders and a a tendency to "bulk" in my arms. I have always felt somewhat self conscious of my arms (until now).

I aspire to tone my arms, not to bulk them up. Traditional arm strengthening routines were not giving me the results that I desired. I love the concept of designing long lean ballet arms that is promoted in both the Tracy Anderson Method, and Ballet Beautiful. The secret to achieving perfect Ballet arms, is combining strength with stretch. Long Lean arms, are the product of perfect posture and concentrated exercises.

I spend hours hunched over text books, and a key board. When I slouch I can feel my shoulders tightening up and my arm muscles contracting. This forced tension created by poor posture negates the exercises and work I have done to tone and lengthen my arms. When toning your arms, remember the principles of posture: Shoulders down, core engaged and neck long.

This 15 minute arm routine is designed to tone your arms while focusing on posture. No equipment is needed, just follow along and breath through the work. Transform your arms!

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