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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beauty: Retro Inspired Eyes

The major spring trends that are blooming throughout the collections of various designers is a pastel color palate that compliments a romantic and vintage inspired apparel. Although an edgy black grunge eye may be one of my favourite looks- it doesn't go so well with the softer colours and styles. This easy make-up trick, is a modern take on a vintage look.

This look is freakishly easy to do at home; and is great date-night, or party look. The look can be achieved in 5 minutes- making it an ideal make-up rescue look for busy life and after sweat beauty.  

I promise this look only looks complicated. I've made a quick little video to help you master the look!

Retro Eyes:

First, lightly prime the eyelid. For a bold look, paint on white or light pink eye paint. For a more neutral look just use a white eyeshadow.

Next, using a white eyeliner heavily line the inner rim of the eye. Then begin to trace a cat-eye with the white liner.

Then switch to black angled brush or eye-liner. You will want to make a cat-eye with the black liner, (for perfect cat eyes, click here). Remember, that eyeliner always looks best when in thickens on the outer edges of your eyes

Lightly line your bottom lid. Start with a faint brush stroke under the inside corner of you and fan the color out, to shadow the cat eye. 

  Now, using a dark neutral shadow and either a firm small eye brush or an angled brush draw another thin line in the crease of the eye-lid.

Blend the line in well, and connect the two upper eye lines with a "V" shape at the far wing of the cat eye.

Switch brushes, and blend the line a little more. I like to blend on a light pink shadow to neutralize the look. Depending on the "era" that inspires you play around with the bottom eyeliner.

-Voila! So pretty. 

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