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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MKTG: 4.0

Marketing is a limitless activity, the perpetuates of strategic marketing campaigns is infinite. Web 2.0 challenged the status que on how, where, and when, advertisements can best meet their target audience. The insane technological advances in the past 2 years coupled with the introduction and integration of tablet computers into our daily lives has opened another metaphorical door for marketers to endeavor.  BBH LABS, a global innovation focused marketing company, has recently created the concept of "Homeless Hotspots." The campaign is not a farce, nor a bad comedy sketch that will later be aired on a revived "Candid Camera." Homeless Hotspots, is a real promotion that is being piloted in Austen Texas. Homeless Hotspots is a marketing stunt that brilliantly incorporates social entrepreneurship.

The Hotspot homeless wear shirts that read: "I'm So-and-so, a 4G HOTSPOT. SMS HH So-and-so to 35921 for 4G access." The participating homeless are equipped wit a verizon MiFi; which turn them into wireless hotspots. Homeless Hotspots have no fixed prices, 4G users can pay what they want.

BBH LABS, conceptualized "Homeless Hotspots," through inspiration from the various "street" news papers sold by homeless in cities across the world. The proceeds earned by each "hotspot," go directly to the homeless whom is hosting the 4G users.

I think that "Homeless Hotspots" is a revolutionary approach to helping out those less fortunate. Just look at the smile on Clarence's face. He looks excited. Many people, like Clarence, end up on the streets because of harsh circumstances. Clarence lost his home in Hurricane Katrina and with a struggling economy Clarence wasn't able to build his life back together.  Homeless are not bad people, nor are they frighting. For the most part they, like you and me, want to be useful to the community, while able to provide for themselves. "Homeless Hotspots," give these men and woman an opportunity to earn real money through a valuable service with high demand. I hope "Homeless Hotspots," is a huge success.

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