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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sweat: Stretch Before, Stretch After

Stretching is good for the heart. It helps to break up the lactic acid deposits that are stored in muscles. If muscle are over burdened with lactic acid they stiffen up because clean oxygenated blood cant flow through. I often struggle with remembering to stretch properly. Before you physical exertion a gentle warm up helps to get the blood flowing; after a workout a gentle cool down helps the muscles flush out waste.

This 2011-12 ski season, I have been blessed with infinate powder days. I can honesty say that I have had more powder days this season than park days. Thanks to mother nature, Sunshine Village, and Red Mountain. The powder is heavenly- and the pillows luxurious. I'm loving the conditions; even though my muscles are taking a beating from the mountain and the fresh snow.

I find that religiously following an exercise program like TAM really helps keep my body in top mountain shape. TAM workouts help increase: strength, flexibility, and cardio. With all the physical demands of the mountain, I'm finding myself in need of a little extra TLC. I have had to up the anti on my stretching.

This 10 minute stretch routine, will help build strength and flexibility. It is a great way to loosen up your muscles and warm up the body. Perfect before of after the slopes. 

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