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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tone: Core, Tush, and Legs

Strength training are the exercises that truly transform your body. Through toning exercises you can re-model, and re-design your body; to create your perfect shape. I have been doing the "Tracy Anderson Method" for over a year now, and have never felt better about my body, or about myself. 

I am so grateful for Tracy Anderson, she has given me confidence, strength, and an internal respect for myself. I have always been active, and I have always tried to eat healthy- but with TAM; I am able to relax about the little thing. I enjoy my workouts, I enjoy my time to sweat, and I love how much stronger I am both internally and externally. Tracy, YOU ARE AMAZING. Thank you. 

I have transformed and been transformed by Metamorphosis. I am truly happy with my body, and because of my contentment with my body image; I am happier, and more optimistic. Tracy has given me the greatest gift of self love, through her method. I wish to pay the gift forward. 

I understand that finding the time to squeeze in a workout may be challenging- 
I understand that gyms can be full of distractions, and waisted efforts-
To change your body, you have to change your mind. Fall in love with working out. Squeeze in a mini workout during commercials or before bed. Just 10 minutes a day, can help give you the mental boost to grow you confidence and transform your life. 

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