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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Drink: Thomas Hammers

The Inlander, a weekly newspaper for the Spokane/Cour d'Alene does a yearly readers poll of the BEST local businesses. Many of my favorite local shops like Veda Lux and Huckleberry's were featured in the best of The Inlander. I have to give special props to Thomas Hammer; a Spokane based coffee roaster and coffee shop chain.

Thomas Hammer, the man, is a Gonzaga Alumni. Hammer was a business student who developed his fine taste for coffee while a student at GU. In a business planning course, Tom created an elaborate and do-able business plan for a coffee roasting company. The plan was so well thought out that the dean of the Gonzaga Business school personally invested in Tom's proposed business. Thomas Hammer opened his roastery and  first coffee shop in 1993. Since '93, Thomas Hammer has expanded into a small coffee chain with 11 company owned stores and a successful roastery which wholesales across the nation.

For a company first, Thomas Hammer was voted the BEST coffee roaster in Spokane. This award title could not be more deserving. Thomas Hammer is a community orientated business that roasts superb bean blends. Thomas Hammer knows coffee.

As a unique thank you to the community, Thomas Hammer placed a full page ad in the Inlander. The ad instructed customers to "instagram" the ad and present it to a Thomas Hammer barista before noon on Friday. I look forward to my weekly Tom Hammer soy latte. As Hammer says: "The best coffee is free coffee." I couldn't agree more Tom; Free coffee is awesome. I personally found the customer appreciation gesture heart warming.  

Thanks Thomas Hammer, Hammer back a few bevies in victory!

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