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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trailblazin' Grandma

My grandma, who is a gem, and I had a lunch date at The Coup; in Calgary last week. My grandma; whom is now nearly 82, is a bit of trail blazer. Her father was a railroad attendant for CN rail. She grew up above the rail road with three brothers in the 30's. You would think, that growing up as the only girl in a household would make you a little more rough and trouble; which it did. My grandma is an intellect. She loves to read, draw, and think.

As a teen, my grandma dreamt of medical school. Her father; who was a practical man, did not necessarily see the value in education for my grandma. He gave her a choice; he told her he would either pay for an education, or that he would pay for her wedding. My great grandfather thought he gave my grandma the perfect ultimatum. He thought, no girl could resist a dream wedding.

My grandma chose an education. My grandma chose to become a Doctor. My Grandma was one of four women in her class. She graduated medical school with honors- and became a leading public health medical officer for the Alberta Health Board. At 82, I sometimes see past the brilliant and turbulent fight my grandma pushed through to challenge gender stereotypes. I would never classify my grandma as a feminist. She is classy, well dressed, and believes is traditions. My Grandma was, and still is a social activist.

I can only imagine the hassle and frustrations she had to deal with in her pursuit of happiness. I'm sure she was told more times than she can count that "medicine isn't for women." My grandma fought with pen and paper to prove more than her equality. She proved capable, resourceful, and brought uniquely female traits to health care. She rearrange her world in order to live her dream. My grandma inspires me to fight for what i want; and more importantly what i view as right.

Thank you grandma; for blazing a path in future woman professionals can continue to re frame their world to suite their goals.

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