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Friday, March 16, 2012

Scurfield Award: Curtis Glencross

Last night, March 15 2012, was a special evening for my family. My grandpa whom unfortunately passed away in an avalanche was a successful Calgary Business man, and philanthropist. My Grandpa, was one of the original owners of the Calgary Flames. Grandpa Ralph, along with his business partners brought the Flames to Calgary from Atlanta. In Grandpa's memory The Scurfield Award, is awarded to the Flames player who best exemplifies perseverance, determination, and leadership both on and off the ice. The player who receives the Scurfield award is chosen for his work ethic, and for his commitment to community service.

This year, my family has the privilege of presenting the Scurfield award to Curtis Glengross (20). A player who's rich family values shines through his playing ability, as well as his community service with: The Special Olympics, The Flames Foundation, and Crime Stoppers Calgary.  Curtis Glencross is a true team player; he is always supportive of his fellow players and seeks the success of the team before individual stardom. Glencross is a strong player, with a huge heart, and an educated mind. He is the perfect example of superlative leadership both on and off the ice.

The Award Presentation:

Congratulations Curtis; from my family to yours! We are excited to cheer for you and the rest of The Flames; as you chase Stanley and bring him home to Calgary.


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