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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sweat and Cear Skin

One major bummer about daily sweat sessions, is that they can cause the skin to break out. when we workout we activate the lymphatic system which is responsible for detoxifying the body. Our body disposes of the waist through sweat. The lymph system often experiences "mechanical issues," when it does toxins from our body get trapped in the epidermis (skin). 

A main culprit of workout induced acne is our hair. Exercisers who always pin there hair up and away from their faces experience 1/3 the amount of sweat related zits as those who exercises with a flowing main. To reduce workout induced acne, spray your hair with a dry shampoo or oil eater like Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Spray before a workout. Gently brush through your locks, and pull your hair back, and up of your face. This will help prevent oils from the hair rubbing onto the skin. 

I like to make my own ribbon hair ties; as they are cheep and easy to make. I always loose hair ties- and can't stand the nasty metal clip that always gets naughted with hair. I find that the ribbon hair ties hold my hair well. And look decent waiting to be used on my wrist. 

To make your own hair ties, all you need is ribbon elastic. Elastic is easy to find at a fabric store and inexpensive.  A yard of elastic costs about a quarter and will t9 hair ties. 

Cut the elastic ribbon into 9' smaller ribbons for hair ties, and 20' ribbons for head bands.

Fold in half, and tie into a knot. 

(white elastic can be died with fabric paint to spice up your hair ties!)

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