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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sweat: Tramping into spring

As far as I am concerned there is no better workout than the Tracy Anderson Method. I love how her method centers around the importance of cardio and muscle conditioning. I religiously follow my Tracy Anderson workout; changing up my muscular routine every 10 days. Once the body gets to familiar with an exercises it will rely on "muscle memory" to perform the action. When our bodies rely on muscle memory, they get lazy and look for short-cuts. While muscle memory is great for learning choreography and new tricks- it is kryptonite for body transformation. To break through fitness plateaus- Muscle Memory has to be avoided.

I tend to get lazy with my cardio. It is the same 30-60 minutes a day. They play list might change, but the moves are repetitive. I made this 30 minute urban rebounding routine to help me break through my fitness plateaus. I'm using an urban rebounder, to build muscle stamina while burning maximum calories. Urban rebounding is a great aerobics alternative, because it provides incredible intensity at a low impact. Urban rebounding helps shake out the lymphatic system while being an acceptable form of exercises for people with joint and impact injuries. 

Hope you enjoy!

Part one is 15 minutes, starting with a warm up:

And part 2 is 15 minutes, finishing with a light cool down:

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