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Friday, March 2, 2012

Drink: Soda Stream & Cherry Cola

I love carbonated water. I love the bubbles, the fizz, the guilty association. I love the treat. I love water dressed up. The one kitchen accessory that I can't live with out is my Soda Stream. I love it, and I probably would not be so nice if it were to vanish from my life. 

Diet soda or pop, is lower in calories because it uses artificial sweeteners. However, recent research has shown that artificial sweeteners, like aspartame and splenda, tease the taste buds and stir up a fierce sugar desire. The sweet craving can not be satisfied by the artificial flavouring; and the body goes looking for fix. the need to satisfy the sweet tooth often results in glutenous caloric consumption. 

With my soda stream, I am able to make all the sparkling water and soda I want. Free of artificial sweeteners and image conscience price tags.  I recently found a recipe for home made cherry soda; which I now keep a stock of.

Homemade Cherry Soda:
1L (4 cups) Dark Cherry Juice
2 vanilla beans

Sparkling Water, (made with your soda stream)

In a sauce pan bring the cherry juice to a boil, and then place in the vanilla beans. Reduce heat and let simmer for an hour (approximately 2 cups should evaporate). Transfer the mixture to a container, and let cool. 

In a glass, over ice, mix one part concentrate with 3 parts sparkling water, for home made cherry cola. The concentrate will keep in the fridge for a month. 


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