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Friday, March 23, 2012

Shop: 11th Moon

Every blue moon or so, you find yourself completely home in a foreign land. I don't often find myself in Southern California; yet when I do, I am happy to find the air relaxed. My body knows the Hollywood hills, and the beach towns almost intuitively. When in California; its as if I remember exploring the streets in another era. 

I jive with the west coast vibe; that of prominence, patience, and perseverance which personifies the OC. The shops have a unique vintage feel with a modern elegance, the food is healthy, and the people are friendly. A quick get a way trip to Laguna Beach, never feels long enough. I barley ever have time to relish in all the beauty I wish to explore. Whether it is losing myself completely in the words of Bernard Shaw or exploring the  fashion boutiques on the south coast highway. I could spend an eternity, alone, admiring, and devouring the textiles, looks, styles, and beautiful garments at 11th Moon.

The boutique earned its name through the proprietors love of Astrology. Under Hindu philosophy; the 11th moon is symbolic of enjoyment, pleasure, and comfort. 

11th Moon, is an eclectic modern fashion emporium. The owner, has impeccable taste. Her style is casual glamour. 11th moon is stocked with some of the most beautiful dresses, jackets, bags, and decoration jewelry that I've seen. The store is decorated with local art, and new aged crystals. The store is peaceful, calm, and vast. I feel in love with 11th Moon, the minute I laid eyes on its window display. 

The staff is knowledgable, and product quality of 11th Moon is superb. The staffat 11th moon are friendly, and helpful. I was amazed by their intuitive ability to match colors, looks, and cuts perfectly with patrons. 11th Moon knows fashion, and genuinely want to help their clients look their best. 

With the unique designs, wicked fashion buys, and great customer service; I know I will be shopping at 11th Moon again. 

11th Moon can be found at 1259 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach; or online at: 

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