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Thursday, November 10, 2011

TAM at Your Desk

 Bloomberg Magazine, formerly known as "Business Week Magazine," featured my favourite workout guru, Tracy Anderson in their latest issue. Bloomberg magazine is not Tracy's typical audience. The business focused magazine asked Tracy for workout tips. Bloomberg wanted exercises that overworked office folk could do while at their desks.

Regular exercises, and stretching movements are proven to reduce stress, and increase personal productivity. On a day that never seems to end, with no workout break in sight, how can you incorporate the benefits of exercises into your agenda?

 Of course, Bloomberg understands that, no one wants to present them selves to the board as a sweaty gym rat dressed in their finest business attire which is drenched in sweat. These moves are simple. The suggested moves will increase the heart rate just enough to allow more oxygen to circulate through the body, without causing the sweat gland to over react. 

The result is a mini toning, and stretch power session, that can be done at your desk.

I've been mixing the moves into my long study nights, stuck an exhausted at the library. The moves break up the work/books enough to distract me from the infinite to do/study list.

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