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Monday, November 21, 2011

Horoscopes for Nov.21-27

Happy Monday! It's the monday before US Thanksgiving and I could not be more thankful for a fantastic sports filled weekend with my family in Vancouver. The Zags won basketball, the Canucks OT won, and the BC Lions are headed to the 99th grey cup; hosted in Van. I'm sitting in my hotel, thankful to have caught Vancouver or a dry weekend. 

Horoscopes for the week of Nov. 21-27. Hope you all have a merry US Thanksgiving.


Now your attention turns to earnings, cash flow and financial matters. (Yet again, there is too much month left at the end of the money.) It's very easy to identify with what you own and what you earn, and assume this adds up to your worth in life. But you are not your bank account or your possessions (but, of course, you are your car). Many of you are looking for a new job. Others want new duties or more money or both. Your best chances will be to get in touch with old contacts from the past, i.e. old jobs, old employers, etc. because potential opportunities are definitely there in the next six weeks. Many of you are thinking about what really matters in life. In other words, what values are truly worthy?
For the first time in 11 months, the Sun is back in your sign. Yay! This is your turn to recharge your batteries for the next year. Use this powerful energy to your advantage. Important people and auspicious circumstances will be attracted to you. Be open to this and make the most of it. However, retrograde Mercury is also taking place in your sign. This is a signal you will be involved with ex-partners and old friends - perhaps briefly, maybe longer. (Yup.) Use this as opportunity for closure or clearing up old business. Make goals for the next year. Be specific because the more precise your objectives are, the more likely you will achieve them.
The month ahead is a wonderful time for research of any kind. You will definitely prefer keeping a low profile and working alone or behind the scenes. Projects related to publishing, the media, medicine and the law have your attention, that's for sure. The month ahead is also a wonderful time to make travel plans. Some of you will be actively involved in politics, religion or racial issues because you strongly identify with your beliefs now. However, fair Venus in your sign makes this a marvellous time to schmooze with others! You'll be oh-so-charming and diplomatic. This is a good month to shop for wardrobe items because you like what you see in the mirror. ("I rock!")
Expect your popularity rating to increase during the next six weeks. You'll be out there flying your colours, chatting to friends and acquaintances, and increasing your interaction with clubs, groups and organizations. Meanwhile, in your private fantasies, you'll be giving more serious thought to your goals and dreams for the future. Ironically, something will tape-loop you into the past, bringing old friends and acquaintances back into your life. But lo! This can be extremely helpful. These old pals know your history. Share your future dreams with them to see what their thoughts are. Their feedback will help you.
Heads up. For the next month (and this is the only time all year) the Sun will be slowly crossing the top of your chart acting like a spotlight on you. This means bosses, parents, teachers, VIPs and the police will notice you more than usual. Fortunately, this wonderful lighting makes you look fabulous in the eyes of others. (Milk this for all it's worth! Demand the advantage.) If there's something you want, ask for it! Now is the time to promote yourself by asking for a raise or endorsement. In fact, your best luck will be with previous authority figures and bosses from your past. Meanwhile, Mars sits opposite your sign testing your patience with loved ones. Hey - this is a test you can pass. Relax.
It's time to get outta Dodge! For the next six weeks, you're eager to travel. Your sense of adventure is heightened and you're keen to learn anything new. Above all, you want fresh, stimulating experiences. Obviously, travel somewhere new would be ideal. Unfortunately, retrograde Mercury could cause delays and snafus if you do this. Travel to somewhere you have already been before will be preferable. (Easier.) The month ahead holds lots of opportunities in higher education, medicine, the law, publishing and the media. You can easily wrap up old business in these areas. Old friends from other cultures might cross your path. "Kemosabe! Is that you?"
The next six weeks are the perfect time for you to wrap up old issues about inheritances, wills, estates, banking matters and anything to do with insurance details or shared property. (Boring but necessary.) Actually, closure in these areas will be easy. For one thing, you're keen to make advances in these areas because you have some concerns. Secondly, retrograde Mercury will actually help you to do this. In other words, looking back over your shoulder and finishing old business will be the easiest thing to do right now. Sign papers. Clear up red-tape details. Hey, you'll love yourself later when you see how much you get done. Just wade in and tackle some of this stuff.
The next month is the only time when the Sun is directly opposite your sign (as far away from you as it gets all year). But the Sun is your source of energy! Conclusion: You'll need more sleep. Factoid. Respect your need for more rest. Sleep on the job. Doze watching TV. Let someone else drive while you catch 40 winks. Meanwhile, during your awake moments, you'll deal with ex-partners more than usual. (Whaat?) Fortunately, this coming month is an excellent time to wrap up old business, especially with ex-partners. (Perhaps closure with past issues?) Relations with partners and friends will be a strong focus but they can be pleasant, diplomatic, warmhearted and friendly. Be patient with stuff at home, especially family members.
Capitalize on your urge to get better organized working at home or at your job because this will please you in the next six weeks. Somewhere deep in your psyche, you have made a personal decision to be more efficient, effective and productive. Yes! No slack asses allowed! Ironically, at this same time, while you're setting your sites so high, retrograde Mercury will likely sabotage some of your efforts. (Bummer.) Expect delays, confused communications, lost paperwork, cancelled appointments and silly, goofy errors. Nevertheless, your desire to pull your act together will be a match for these obstacles. (We shall overcome!)
It's playtime for Leos! ("Candygram for Mongo.") The next six weeks are ripe for pleasure, entertaining diversions, parties, flirtations, movies, the theatre, musical performances, clubs and playful times with children. Basically, you want to have fun. And you will! Flirtations and love affairs will pique your interest. (You adore being adored.) This is also a fabulous time to slip away on a vacation. Warning: While schmoozing and living it up, expect to encounter some old flames. (Oh yes - your checkered past comes back to haunt you.) Quite likely, you'll blow a lot of money but, hopefully, you'll be clever about boosting your earnings as well. Ka-ching!
Oh boy! Mars is in your sign for the next eight months. (Get used to it.) Actually, it won't be any trouble for you, it will be a challenge for others! (Oh yeah.) You'll be high-energy and super assertive about going after what you want. No holds barred! Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, your focus turns to home, family and domestic matters for the next six weeks. Relatives might be camped out in your kitchen, cooking and chatting with others from the past who are suddenly camped on your doorstep, sleeping on your sofa, and eating out of your fridge. Oy! Fortunately, Virgos are marvellous hosts. You give good hotel. No wonder your guests never leave.
You're entering a very busy month ahead (perhaps longer) full of short trips, increased errands, conversations with everyone (especially neighbours and siblings) plus increased reading, writing and studying. (A mildly hysterical pace because, as usual, you're trying to do it all.) However, you cannot ignore (except at your peril) Mercury retrograde, which will cause transportation delays and confusion in all your communications. (Cell phones, computers and conversations.) Prepare for this: Stay on top of car repairs, charge your batteries, pay your phone bill and back up your computer. For the next month, Murphy's Law rules. (Groan.)

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