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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jingle Free Arms

Every woman has a different body; and that is essentially what makes us all beautiful. The trick to sex appeal is working with "what we've got." I'm 5'4, and no matter how many leg lifts that I perform I will never have the uber lean, lengthy and sculpted legs of Gwyneth. Instead I can achieve perfect legs, and perfect arms in perfect proportion to my body. 

My arms are my point of contention. I find them exceeding frustrating to tone, with out bulking. Historically, pre-TAM, I would be on the verge of self congratulations when at the last minute my state of victory would be defeated by a mini-armpit muffin top poking out from a strapless look.  

I like to use light weight and my own body weight to tone. In this mini- arm workout, all you will need in a chair. Follow along, and be sure to extend the energy from you arm as best you can. If you need more of a challenge, put on 1-3 lbs wrist weight on each arm. 

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