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Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov.14-20, Horoscope

Here is your weekly Georgia Nicols forecast, for November 14-20

This unusual burst of energy due to Mars in Virgo for eight months (maybe longer in your chart) will impact your relationships with friends and, in particular, groups. In the next year, you're going to find out you're a Dynamo! People in group situations will look to you for leadership. You will direct their activities, energize the group and busily delegate. Because of you things will happen! Similarly, you'll also be gung ho about going after your dreams and wishes for the future. You'll be unusually energized about attaining your goals. The downside is you might use the energy of Mars to be too pushy with others. Be careful of this because you are a powerful sign.
You have a great opportunity to use this energy of Mars, perhaps until the winter of 2012. In fact, it's a rare opportunity! Why? Because Mars will arouse your ambition as never before. It will energize your motivation to succeed. You will work super hard, with a specific focus in mind to achieve what you want. It's like you have a rocket strapped to your back. You'll go places! The only disadvantage is you will easily be overbearing with bosses and threaten people in authority. Naturally, this will get you nowhere and will only create obstacles for you. So use this precious energy but be smart about it. Capice?
An exciting nine months ahead! (Perhaps longer.)This sustained blast of energy from Mars will make you travel more than ever before. It will also energize you to accomplish a lot in higher education. (Great for anyone who has to finish a thesis in grad school.) It will also give you tons of energy for publishing, the media, medicine and the law. You'll be shocked at how much you will accomplish and how strong these areas will suddenly become in your life in the next year. You'll be out there flying your colours! Resist the urge to make others agree with you politically and religiously. (Because you will be tempted to do this.) Just lighten up.
To say your gonads are in overdrive for the next year is putting it mildly. You're definitely going to be hot to trot! Sex will become a fixation for some of you right up until next winter. (Gasp. Buy sexy underwear.) Actually, Mars will make you feel passionate about many aspects of your life simply because Mars will hugely increase and enhance your passions! However, Mars will also make you more of a fighter when it comes to defending your own interests with inheritances, shared property, insurance matters, taxes and debt. Remind yourself to be fair and accommodating. (Mars is a strong ego planet.)
Perhaps more than any other sign, you face the greatest challenge with this very unusual sojourn of Mars in one sign for the next eight months. I say this because Mars is going to oppose you. Whenever Mars opposes you (generally only for seven weeks every two years) it heightens the potential for conflict with partners and close friends. But hey - this doesn't have to happen! Mars does tend to make you feel easily annoyed with others and ready to call them on something even if they're not aware of what they're doing. Admittedly, it can attract aggressive people to you as well. So it's a tough call who is actually starting the argument. Your best bet is to consider this an opportunity to demonstrate grace under pressure and learn more about how to relate to partners and good friends.

Dear Taurus. While this unusual duration of Mars in one sign causes havoc in the lives of some, for you, it's your chance to kick back, relax and have a great time! Since you love your creature comforts (good food, good wine, good sex and a nice place to live) this is great news! From now until the autumn of 2012, enjoy vacations, appreciate the arts (musical performances, movies, dance and the theatre) and immerse yourself in the thrill of sports. Playful activities with children will also be big on your agenda. And let us not forget love affairs and romance! Just remember that Mars is energy. Use it to enjoy these areas or waste it fighting about them. Your call.
It's important to remember Mars is pure energy. You can use it to fight or to work. Like a hammer, it can kill someone or build a house. It's important to remember this distinction and be aware of how to use this burst of energy that hypes you until the autumn of 2012. (Make it work for you.) I say this because Mars will activate your home and family life. This means you can use this energy to renovate, repair and fix up where you live. Or do special things for family members to please and delight them. Or you can use this energy to fight with everyone at home. What's it going be? (Gee, that's a no-brainer.)

Some signs have an easier choice of how to use the energy of Mars. Unfortunately, you're not one of them. Mars will make all your communications with others more direct, lively and aggressive. ("I say what I mean and I mean what I say.") The positive use of this energy is to channel it into vibrant, dynamic communications in sales, marketing, writing, teaching, acting and driving for a living. The negative use of this will be to quarrel with siblings, neighbours and daily contacts. Don't be pushy and overbearing in your communications. This influence lasts until the autumn of 2012. You can majorly win or lose miserably.

Usually, you have a pretty casual attitude about money. You see it as a way to express your rights. And you spend money even if you don't have it. To you money is energy to make things happen. This blast of energy from Mars (until the autumn of next year) hits you in the pocketbook. (Most curious.) It makes you much more focused on making money and boosting your earnings. This will be a positive use of this energy. However, it will also encourage you (tempt you, entice you), to blow your money big time! Be careful about diverting the powerful energy of Mars into foolishly wasting your money. (You know who you are.) Use Mars to improve your life, not drain it.
Lordy, Lordy! For the first time in your life, fiery Mars will make you PowerPoint on steroids! This will be like riding a rocket. If you know where you're going, you'll get there fast. If you slip off course, you're in serious trouble. (You get the picture.) Your personal energy field will cause you to work hard, party hard, express yourself energetically and get an enormous amount done. The dark side (oh yeah) is Mars can make you insufferably overbearing, bossy and in your face, ready to fight at a moment's notice. One manifestation is miserable and the other has wonderful possibilities for big accomplishments. Think about it.

I'm looking at how this eight-months-blast of Mars affects each sign. But for Libra, it's tricky and hard to explain. That's because Mars will hide in a secret part of your chart, and by doing so, activate your unconscious impulses. It could make you become your own worst enemy by activating immature, petulant, childhood reactions when others press your buttons. (Yikes!) But hey - Mars is just energy. You can use this energy to penetrate what makes you tick. What are your self-defeating habits and patterns? What knee-jerk reactions do you invariably have that you later regret? Mars can be your own personal Sherlock Holmes. Scrutinize yourself for these answers.

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