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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Perfect Brows

Strong brows are everywhere this season. From the runways to Hollywood, the muses and the masses agree that Strong Brows are more than a well groomed accessory. Strong Brows make a statement and can accentuate any face. 

Try these simple tips for at home perfect brows:

When tweezing to brow-fection, work on both brows at the same time, by frequently switching back and forth between plucks. By brow jumping you will be more likely to maintain brow balance. This will help prevent over plucking.

When filling in your brows with a dab of color, pick a shade that is the exact match of your arches. If you fill in your brows to light the look will be subtle, and wont make an impact. If you go to dark, the brows will look unnatural and super manly. Covergirl's brow and eye-maker pencils are a cheep buy to test out the look. 

Finally, for the finishing touches, remember to tame your brows. Do so by brushing your brows, using a clear brow gel to keep personality rich hairs in conformity. I like Anastasia Brow gel ($21), because you can choose a tint and it is conditioning for your eye-brows. 

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