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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Post-Thanksgining Cardio

If you are anything like me you have been enjoying the goodies of the season and starting to feel a little umm...burnt out/ worried that you might not be able to fit into that wicked New Years cocktail dress you've been eyeing. My solution is a Tracy Anderson inspired trampoline Cardio session.

 Urban Rebounding has recently been featured on "The Doctors." The show highlighted the massive health benefits of rebounding which include: a lymphatic shake, increased muscular strength, increased balance, and an easy on the joints cardio workout.  Urban rebounding is a fun way to bounce back into fitness; just 10-30 minutes a day on a mini tramp can transform your workout,  detoxify your body, and burn off all the Thanksgiving feasting.

Tracy Anderson my fitness idol has long incorporated urban tramps into her workouts, and I have added a new low impact high calorie tramp workout  as a holiday workout bonus.  

For more Info on the benefits of Urban Rebounding.

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