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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Barbie got inked.

I have come to accept, that Barbie has the closet and shoe collection to foster fierce jealousy among any sane female. I can only dream of having a closet to rival hers one day. Which I am presuming to be monstrous. To house the extensive look collections of Barbie, one would need a massive, non-barbie sized walk in closet. The marketing genius behind Mattel who have dressed Barbie in every designer, and have given her a wide portfolio of careers, and designer outfits, have recently cause a bit of commotion with Barbie's latest designer fetish.

Barbie, today has chosen a look that is a little edgier. She has recently collaborated with the Milan fashion house Tokidoki; which is inspired by Japanese lifestyle. The Tolkidoki Barbie is on trend with current fashion. She is rocking a pastel pink bob, leopard leggings, metallic stilettos, and an over sized sweater.  Barbie in tokidoki looks like a regular hipster, sporting trends, and body art.

The Tokidoki Barbie is making headlines because of her tattoos. Parents and advocates of the "Barbie as a Roll model campaign,"  are protesting that a Barbie Doll covered in Tattoos send the wrong message to children.

 I'm confused, and laughing at humor of the tatted up doll. Aren't these the same parents that protest that Barbies figure, or endless career confusion send the wrong image to kids. I personally believe that as adults we are coloring a relatively harmless toy with our own judgments. Body art is a part of today's culture. According to the academy of dermatology one in four adults aged 18-50 has at least one tattoo. Not to mention the vast majority of pop stars worshiped by tweens are coloured in more ink than many coloring books.

A spokesman for Mattel, states that the Tokidoki Barbie is designed to be a collectors doll, and is intended for an adult audience. The Tokidoki Barbie is just the latest doll in a collection of  high priced dolls, made after big time designers.

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