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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter Beauty-Lushes Lips

As far as I am concerned winter is the best time of year. Snow beautifully dresses up the environment which makes for a picture perfect sight. Winter activities shine, and the lure of Hot Chocolate and mulled wine is enticing. Winter is a fairy tale come true, from tobogganing to ice skating, snow shoeing to dog sledding and of course my personal favorite Skiing/Snowboarding. Winter boredom is a myth, the activities are endless.

I grew up in Banff Canada and therefore with skis on. I spent the better part of my childhood ripping through tree lines in search of bumps. American Thanksgiving has traditionally been a time of the year in which I am thankful for because it means I can enjoy the mountains. Ski resorts open, and I'm pulled by an invisible force to occupy the chairlifts. 

Sunshine Village  in Banff Alberta, is my favorite. The snow is amazing, the mountain is huge, and the lifts are fast. I love cruising the resort, and playing in the terrain park. 

A minor irritation I have towards winter is, the curse of chapped lips. The cold air, dehydration, and outdoor activities do a number to my lips. I hate the feeling of stiff dry lips. Luckily with a few minor beauty adjustments you can prevent and avoid dry lips. Allowing you the freedom to flash a beautiful lushes smile all winter.

First: Ditch drying lip products such as matte and long wear lipsticks. If you need color to dress up your pout choose a tinted lip balm, and reapply often through out the day. If you go and enjoy the outdoors, remember to wear sunscreen and choose an SPF lip balm. The UV rays reflect of the snow and can hit skin with extra force. 

Second: Choose the right lip balm; you want  to fight and heal the cracking sensation. Choose lip care with ingredients like: shea butter, hyaluronic acids, dimethicone, and natural waxes.

Third: Add a soothing oil, oil can help restore moisture to dry skin. Try cocoa butter, beeswax, and Argan oil. Oil is rich in vitamin E and Fatty acids which help prevent skin dehydration.

Fourth: Avoid Fragrances!

Fifth: Eliminate Flakes by using a lip exfoliant or scrub. Lips need a more gentle exfoliant than your skin, so to avoid further irritation gently scrub lips and be sure to reapply lip balm and oil immediately after to help nourish the fresh skin. 

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