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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Obvious Incognito

On my flight to Dominican Republic I was seated behind Bob Saget and his playmate Hope Dworaczyk (Playmate of the Year 2010). The pair looked like a strung out mess of celebrity taboo, In matching celebrity incognito of over priced sunglasses scarfs and full coverage brimmed hats, and overly injected lips.  The irony of the situation is dumbfounding, proclaimed celebrity incognito forces an innocent witness to noticed and gasp at the oh so rude fashion offenses.

At just 26, Hope looks nearly 40. Her face has had so much work that she is starting to look like MJ. It is such a travesty to forfeit  youthful and natural beauty in favour for collagen injections. There is nothing attractive about big, fat overly plump and swollen lips. Sorry Hope.

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