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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Starbucks Financial, A break for The Underdog

"Hi, and welcome to Starbucks. What can I get started for you?"

"Ahhmm, I'd like a grande extra shot americano with some steamed soy, please... And, a Small Business loan."

"Perfect I'll just get that made up for you."

Starbucks an, international coffee house, organization that has long been on the receiving end of harsh criticism for killing local small coffee shops launched on Nov.1, 2011 a program to help encourage local small businesses. 

"Create Jobs For USA,"is an initiative to raise funds to help American small businesses. Through this program Starbucks is engaging is vertical integration, however the integration is not focused on the revenue potential of interest rate profits, and loan calculations. Instead the integration is community driven, the cause is designed to increase American employment.

The Starbucks loan program,  is utilizing the wristband marketing tactic first made popular by Lance Armstrong. The company will is selling wristbands, colored in red, white, and blue, for $5. Each bracelet is inspired by, and made in, the United States. Each bracelet will be inscribed with the word "indivisible," alluding to a proud sense of patriotism. 

The proceeds raised from the bracelet sales will go to the Opportunity Finance Network. A non-profit organization that supports community development financial institutions that lend money at a low interest premium. Starbucks has already gifted the non profit 5 million dollars in 2011. Starbucks financial, is a community centric program.

 Howard Shultz, CEO of Starbucks, personally has chosen to make a political statement in which he has refused to give political campaign contribution until governments solves the debt crisis. The governments inaction has allowed Shultz the opportunity to help his fellow Americans. Through which Shultz is supporting the greater country, not the party.  

Shultz is taking a stand; against the mass kool-aid consumption the media has fed us on political matters. A countries success relies on the imagination and innovation belonging to the people. Ideas should be encouraged and dreams should be crafted into achievable goals. I think Shultz is  acting responsibly and making it feasable for fellow americans to reach for a hand up in the present hard economy. Through this program Shultz is inspiring hope and demonstrating true characteristics of strong leader. 


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