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Monday, November 28, 2011

Horoscope Nov.28-Dec.4

So I'm back, at home in an airport lobby, watching the world cup ski racers navigate the Calgary airport in a European dominance way. Lake Louise Ski resorts host the worldcup world down cup every year. I am finding it frustrating to watch these skiers travel with only a small carry on bag, while I lug a massive over sized snowboard bag through customs. I guess the travel connivance stars are in favour of the racers as The World Cup associations transports the skies and gear of all participants.

Maybe this week will be easy; who knows. 
Check your horoscope for the week of Nov.28-Dec.4, by Georgia Nicols


You will really relate to my comments in All Signs above about feeling passionate this week. You will feel passionate about romance and relationships. In fact, you'll feel passionate about life in general. However, guard against your passion mushrooming to the point where you end up arguing with authority figures - bosses, parents, teachers, VIPs or even the police. It's wonderful to feel bigger than life. But you still have to deal with everyone "out there in the dark"- remember Sunset Boulevard? Count on your good fortune with health, employment and your job scene. Don't alienate others this week, especially those in authority who might affect your future. ("These are not the droids you're looking for.")
There appears to be something that you want very much to happen, and yet you're being silent about it. (Or you're just playing your cards very close to your heaving bosom.) You're working behind the scenes or alone on something that matters enormously to you. (In addition, some of you are dabbling in a secret love affair. Although I think dabbling is not the operative word - you're plunging in!) Well, whatever happens might affect travel plans or something to do with publishing, the law, medicine and higher education. Adverse possibilities could precipitate conflict - especially legal - in these areas. Tread carefully. Do not wake the sleeping giant.
This week you'll feel warm and loving to a friend or perhaps a group or a member of your group. You feel you can identify with them. They embody values you admire. This might even involve an old friend you haven't seen for a while. Whatever the case, be careful because arguments later in the week, about shared property, inheritances, debt, taxes or how a certain amount is spent, could suddenly turn nasty. In fact, because you are so hopeful and passionately identifying with someone, your disappointment might be even greater. You might feel let down or betrayed. (Always forgive your enemies, nothing could annoy them more.)
This will be a memorable week. No question. Your relations with powerbrokers, authority figures, parents, teachers, VIPs and the police are very intense - and very meaningful to you. In one way, everything is wonderful and going swimmingly. But don't count your chickens before they're barbecued. Late in the week, arguments with partners and close friends might erupt. It's almost like too much of a good thing is tough to handle. But you can avoid this nastiness. Try for a middle-way approach to everything. Don't be happy nuts and don't be angry nuts. You're very emotional and sensitive. Keep your cool or others will think you are silly nuts. Which, of course, you aren't - but highly emotional behaviour about things that others don't feel emotional about is always questionable.
This week, most of you can stay out of trouble if you avoid arguments about politics, religion and racial issues. Actually, avoid arguments about publishing, legal matters, medicine, the media and anything to do with travelling or higher education. Hey, let's forget specifics - why not just avoid arguments? The name of the game is to be happy, right? You are definitely a passionate sign. You live your life with passion because anything else would be stale. Meanwhile, travel and philosophical issues are important right now and you're revved up about health issues or something at work. Oy vey. You're ready to go off with the slightest provocation. Remain calm.
You have enormous financial savvy. No matter what you do for a living, you know how to parlay a little amount of money into something substantial. And even though you love your creature comforts and the good life, you are ever watchful about your cash and possessions. Perhaps this is why inheritances, shared property, taxes and debt are touchy subjects this week. It certainly looks like you can expect squabbles about sports, social expenses, child-related costs, vacations and wanting your fair share of something. But will fighting get you what you want? Probably not. Be patient but be smart. Think of your objective. ("I want it all!")
Oh dear. This is the classic week for arguments with partners and friends. For starters, do yourself a favour and refrain from telling others how to improve their lives or how to do things, even though you can see you're right. (This will go over like a lead balloon.) Ex-partners, back on the scene, might also trigger arguments directly or indirectly. Furthermore, you are sensitized because domestic stress due to chaos and increased activity (renovations? family conflicts?) has you on edge. Calm down. Don't say anything you will later regret. Partnerships can be sexy! (Just remember: A woman's place is in the house - and the Senate.)

You're luckier than some this week because where you feel aggravated is related to job, earnings and possessions. So for the most part, your private life, home and family will be buffered from this angst. (That's a relief.) Nevertheless, relationships with co-workers will be testy because of errors, mix-ups, delays and cancellations. (Of course, this is frustrating.) Nevertheless, resist the urge to introduce reforms or suggest better ways of doing things. Not good! (Also not smart.) Be low-key. Right now Mars is making you come on like gangbusters. You're more pushy than usual. This is one reason others react so strongly to you. Remember: You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Sweeten thy tongue.
A tricky week ahead. The areas you'll feel most passionately about are the areas you always feel passionately about, namely: romance, your kids, social events, the arts and your creativity. Fortunately, passion about these areas can be positive and thrilling or extreme agitation. Passion can always go both ways. Friction with finances related to these areas (like how much your kids cost) will be classic. You easily spend money on romantic partners, kids and entertaining. Just don't go overboard. Tighten your purse strings. And don't tell your kids how to live. (You know who you are, hopefully. It's tough being nostalgic with a bad memory.)
Wow! You've got energy to burn. (That's because fiery Mars is in your sign now and it's gonna stay there for the next eight months.) This is energizing for you, but do be careful while you're struttin' your stuff because your cocky, confident attitude might trigger domestic disputes or arguments with family members. Of course, this doesn't have to happen, it's just a possibility. Many of you will throw yourselves with delighted abandon into redecorating and renovating projects or home repairs. You want to see improvements where you live, especially to plumbing, bathrooms and even garbage areas. ("Let's do this recycling right.") I think you have an excellent opportunity to use this passionate influence this week in a very positive way. You can improve your life!
I mention in All Signs above that there's a particularly strong "passionate" influence this week. Some will more easily use it to their advantage, while others might be more challenged by all this emotion. Regretfully, you are in the latter category. The good news is it will make your writing, speech and communications with others very bold and passionate. If you're in law, sales, marketing, or you write, teach, act -you can really use this to be dramatically effective. However, this same influence can blind your logic and make you argue for the sake of arguing. You have to be right. Try to catch yourself if you fall into this because how silly you will look! And you're not silly. "Let the Wookie win."
This week, there's a good chance your feelings will be all stirred up about finances, cash flow, earnings or how to get a job, or something to do with how you currently earn your money. Naturally, none of this is casual stuff - not right now. This could be why you're at odds, later in the week, with a friend or a member of a group. (Ouch.) Try not to avoid this because, essentially, (just ask yourself) how can it work in your favour? Quarrels with others, and especially burning bridges, cannot help you in the future. Meanwhile, you do have a chance to boost your income (and spend it). Do this by embracing something you really enjoy. This could be related to the arts or making things look better. Get in touch with previous employers for surprise opportunities.

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