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Monday, November 7, 2011

Horoscopes Nov.7-13

I hope you all enjoyed your extra hour of sleep this Monday morning. Here is your weekly Georgia Nicols Horoscope for November 7-13, 2011.  

 Without question, life is so stimulating you hardly know what to look at first! Expect new, fresh experiences this week. Many of you will travel to unusual places, others will begin a new job or start to live in a new home, or you might experience a completely new environment for some reason. Whatever the case, you feel your week is full of surprises, fresh events, exciting expeditions and wonderful learning experiences. Lucky you! Unusual new friendships or partnerships are also part of this equation. In other words, your head is swimming with possibilities because your life is full of stimulating choices. Do get out of bed. There's a big, exciting world just waiting for you!

In many ways, your week will be very similar to Scorpio (see above). However, the major difference will be that many of your surprises will be hidden and secretive. Or to put it another way: different, unusual experiences that occur for you will be interior. You might be the only person who really knows about them. In fact, you might truly be amazed or have a personal epiphany about something, even though your outward existence doesn't seem to be changing too much. This doesn't mean that these surprises are "less." It simply means that whatever is new and exciting for you is not that obvious to others. I think the secretive aspect makes everything even more exciting, don't you?

Expect to meet new people and certainly to make new friends this week. Many of you will do so through a group, club or organization. Or someone will introduce you to someone in a class or meeting. The new people you meet will be slightly mind-blowing, jarring or stimulating. They could be unorthodox, bizarre or from a different background. You might join an unusual group. Whatever happens could prompt you to change your goals or head you into a new direction. You will feel highly influenced by others. Yet again, a love interest could suddenly begin. Perhaps a friend will become a lover? Be on the lookout for something different, that's for sure.

Many different, unusual things might happen this week that suddenly catapult you into greater publicity or more high viz. Important people might notice you. Definitely people in authority -- bosses, parents, teachers and yes, the police -- will notice you as well. On the whole, it looks good. This sudden hit of attention is probably a positive thing. Something quirky and unexpected is likely to happen as well. Romance with a boss or someone "different" or very unlikely might suddenly begin. You might get an offer, a raise or praise that amazes you. Someone might encourage you in a way that allows you to promote your career or get your name up in lights. Everything is happening quickly! If something is dangled in front of you and you want it, grab it fast.

Travel, higher education, something to do with publishing, the media, medicine and the law are just some areas that hold exciting thrills for you. Many of you will be in different places and environments this week. It's very exciting. You're meeting different people and seeing exotic places. If you're not in a physically different environment, then ideas are hitting you in a mental way. Consciousness-expanding ideas or a new cultural awareness might stretch your ideas of life and your experience of the world. Romance with someone from another country or a different culture is also highly likely. Suffice to say your usual daily routine is different this week! Grab the baton and run with it. When things are changing all around you, make the most of it.

Lucky you! Surprise opportunities for sex along with unexpected gifts, favours, goodies and outright cash can come your way this week. (Oh my, who knew?) Major bonanza! Furthermore, these opportunities (read into this what you will) will be a learning experience for you. You might be shocked or pleasantly surprised by something. It's very likely you will meet someone unusual or "different," possibly someone from another country or a different cultural background. In fact, it will most likely be this very difference that you find so fascinating and intriguing! (No matter how shy you are, I think you'll be surprised at your willingness to experiment.)
When it comes to partnerships and close friendships, anything can happen this week. Some relationships might suddenly split up. More likely, other relationships will suddenly begin anew and very "afresh." You might be attracted to someone younger who is different and exciting. You might want a different arrangement with someone: more freedom, less restrictions and expectations. Perhaps more flexibility in a relationship? Suddenly, you're open to unconventional arrangements but hey - will these sabotage an existing partnership? (Hmmm.) Basically you want more excitement in your life! (Isn't it curious how sexy shoes are exciting when we're really most comfortable in slippers?) Go figure.


Unexpected situations will occur that are work-related. Surprise flirtations on the job might catch you off guard but oh, what fun! (You love an adoring peanut gallery.) However, your surprises at work could be related to technology and electronics -- ah yes, shiny new equipment. (There seems to be shiny new equipment somewhere in the picture.) Younger, attractive, creative co-workers might be an exciting introduction to your life. Unexpected work-related travel is also possible. Almost certainly you will learn something new, either inadvertently or through training. Stimulating people will give you new insights! This week is all new and fresh! (Did you know smoking is the leading cause of statistics?)

What a playful, flirtatious, fun-loving week ahead! Get ready for unexpected invitations to parties and social events. You might hear surprise news related to sports and gambling. Others will suddenly have an opportunity to take a vacation. Movies, the theatre and the performing arts plus delightful times with children are just some of the things to add to your smorgasbord of wonderful choices about how to have a fun time this week. Naturally, romance, especially with someone new and "different," or unexpected love affairs and thrilling flirtations are part of the package. You expected less? You won't have time to write in a diary (which is a pity).

All kinds of innovations and unexpected changes are taking place where you live, or at your home, or within your family sphere. Something different is definitely happening! Unexpected company might be camped out where you live or, vice versa, you might be camping out on someone else's sofa! Surprise real-estate deals might suddenly take place. Younger people will be involved in your life more than usual, especially at home. New purchases (possibly high tech or electronic or modern art) will please you. Basically, something to do with your family relationships and where you live is turned upside down and sliding sideways. But it's fuuuun!

The week ahead is particularly exciting for you! All kinds of unexpected, different, amazing detours will take place. You will definitely meet new people, visit new places or encounter fresh, exciting new ideas. It won't be a boring week. However, some of these fun detours might be detours you had not planned on. (Gulp.) In other words, admittedly, things can go sideways in a New York minute. But if you stay in a positive frame of mind, it will all be good. In fact, isn't that one of the definitions of happiness? i.e. The ability to enjoy the scenery on a detour? Stay flexible and light on your feet. Neighbours, relatives and siblings could be the source of a few surprises as well. New information, perhaps even gossip, will be very thought-provoking!

 Expect a few surprises, financially speaking, this week. Some of you might start a new job or dream up new money-making ideas. Others might make impulsive and exciting purchases. (Very possibly high tech stuff or modern art.) Things seem to be unpredictable and surprising with respect to your cash flow and even your possessions or something you own. If you have a chance to boost your earnings or buy something you really want, you'll have to act quickly because your window of opportunity will be very brief. By the same token, something might happen that gives your self-worth or your image a boost. "Hey, I like me!"

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