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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sweat: The Perks

It is a sad an inconvenient truth of exercise and diet; The fitter you become the harder you have to push through your workout to see results. Fitness is a progression where room for improvement is a constant.
While muscle burns fat or our bodies are programed to be hyper efficient (it's how we survived the ice ages). The increased efficiency of muscle mass means that a greater proportion of the calories we consume are used for energy. As a body decreases in mass, the amount of calories needed to fuel it decrease in proportion. Just like how a massive suburban needs more gas the Ford Focus. Our bodies are programed to be "fuel efficient."

To offset the metabolic slow down we can do so by constantly challenging our bodies by challenging our mind through different routines. Our brain is the least fuel efficient organ in our body, and when it is engaged we tend to burn more calories.

Add challenge to your workout by mixing up your routine, and changing the order of your workout. If you usually finish with core start with it. Or add some exercise to your household chores. The act of exercising in a different setting alone creates a challenge.

Follow along as Tracy Anderson demonstrate a killer workout that can be done in your kitchen!

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