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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Style: Litter

I feel in lust with Litter while watching Shark Tank. Litter is a jewelry and accessory company created and designed by a pair of California sisters, Mackenzie Burdick and Rachel Mann. The sisters stumbled into the jewelry design and manufacturing game by chance. Litter started when the girls were searching for unique jewelry to wear to music festival. They made a headpiece out of vintage chains and costume jewelry. Their unique adornment stood out amongst the crowd and with out consciousness they inspired demand for funky and original costume jewelry. 

Litter is jewelry for the whole body. The line encompasses fashion forward  arm chains, head pieces, ear cuffs, and leg cuffs in addition to the more conventional mediums of jewels. Litter is fun and experimental line of jewelry that will evolve and continue to push the boundaries of fashion jewelry. 

I love the entire Litter collection, and definitely want The Shoulder Chain, the Chain Garter, and The Walk Of Shame Shoe Chain.  (Think shoe jewelry is absolutely genius! With one accessory you can revamp your favorite and totaled shoes).  

Litter is sexy, fun, and designed with personality for the modern women. The brains behind litter have a sense of humor which is incorporated it into their designs like The Criminal. I am in awe of Litter because the brand is so creative, so unique, so unexpected. Litter is more than costume jewelry and accessories, It is a revival of style and the expression of self through fashion. 

Thank you Mackenzie Burdick, and Rachel Mann for designing with fierce creativity. 

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