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Saturday, June 16, 2012

LSTN: Karmin

I am digging the pop duo Karmin. Karmin: similar to the White Stripes is the musical harmonies of the soon to be wed Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan.

Karmin broke into the music scene and overwhelmed the blog-a-sphere when a you tube cover of Chris Browns "Look at me Now" rapped by Amy Heidman went viral.  Heidmas vocal dexterity is impressive; she raps like a pro contrary to her image. Heidman, a Home girl from the parries (Nebraska),   steezed out in an early Hollywood persona is the personification of the unexpected. Nick Noonan in contrast is the charismatic key board player with perfect pitch who manages to keep the key and rythem constant regardless of the energy fluctuations.

The duo's hip hop covers can be watched on their YouTube channel: "Karmincovers." Karmin recently released their debut album "Hello," which feature the hit tracks Brokenhearted and I told you so. Karmin is pop with attitude. Music that is fun to listen to with energizing beats and catchy hooks. Check 'em out. Download the album and mix it in to your summer playlist.

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