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Friday, June 15, 2012

ART: Bad Portraits by Mandy Stobo

I had the pleasure of meeting Mandy Stobo last night at the Calgary Timeraiser. Mandy is a local artist made infamous for her "Bad Portraits." It was a joy to meet Mandy she is bubbly and full of life. For Christmas my mom was give one of her hideously incredibly portraits and it hangs proudly in her  home. 

Mandy's art is vivid, imaginative, and true to form. She is an artist with a unique vision and strong commitment/dedication to the choices she makes as an artist. I admire her as an artist because she has no reserve or remorse in regard to challenging the norm. Her Bad Portraits are not glamorous by any means, however her Bad Portraits will make you smile. 

Mandy's Bad Portraits can be commissioned directly from her. Just send your photo to; check out to see more of Mandy's work. A Bad Portrait will cost you only $100 and makes a great gift idea. (Isn't Father's Day coming up...?)

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