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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beauty In Action: Time-Raising

True beauty is a depth of an individual. Beauty exceeds the surface adornments, the pretty eyes, or sexy facial hair. Beauty is the person; the soul. Beautiful people in my minds eye are smart, charismatic, funny, philanthropic, and present. Beauty fades,  and is hopefully replaced by a strength of character. What I define as beautiful is passion for community, art, and a life that is infectious.  

Beauty is best shared, preferably with a community of your closet and dearest. I am excited to marvel at the Beauty of Calgary at the 7th annual Time Raiser event. The Time Raiser, in my opinion is a genius fundraising initiative that enables philanthropic individuals with shallow pockets to partake in the grandeur of a silent art auction.  The Time Raiser, in contrast to the mold, is an event designed to raise volunteer hours for local charities. The auction items will be available for purchase pending volunteer commitment. 

How It works:

1. Choose An Agencies
2. Bid On Art
3. Volunteer 

The time raiser is a cross country event.  Both the organizations in need of volunteers and the art  for auction are local. The 7th Annual Calgary Time Raiser is happening June 14th at Flames Central. This year the event is hoping to raise 6,500 volunteer hours within the next year. The goal may sound ambitious, as time is always on short supply, however the 6,500 hours can be realized through the generous donation of only 20 hours per ticket. Nada!

Butter flies, by Karen Klassen.

02, by Alfonso Reyes 

Last of the Fall, by Rayanda Delaini 

The Time Raiser event does understand the frenzy of raising the stakes; and has conscientiously made the decision to cap art bets at  125 volunteer hours. For more information regarding the Time Raiser or to find an event in your city check out their website.  

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