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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Joys Of Flight

Once upon a time, in a far a way land air travel was more than enjoyable; it was something to look forward to. As a kid I looked forward to hanging out in the airport watching the planes as my excitement about the promised in flight entertainment, and airplane meal was simmered. Since infancy I have had a strong attachment to party dresses. (My ideal closet would be filled with only cocktail dresses and evening gowns regardless of the impracticality). For flight days, I was allowed to wear whatever I wanted (in retrospect this was most likely due to the fact that my parents had enough stresses to worry about that the tulle of my dress or the color of my underwear became irrelevant). I looked forward to meeting the captain, getting my wings, and drinking an endless supply of Shirley Temples.

Wearing my WINGS to meet Robin Williams 1995.
Sadly, the joys of flight have all but been diminished commercially. Gone are the hassle free airport check-ins, gone are the bland airplane meals, gone are the movies, and friendly cock-pit visits. With the decline in hospitality of the airline industry, so has the humor of passages. The joy of flight is a memory I hold on to, because I know full well that the staff at WestJet and Alaska Airlines remember the fun that was associated with flying as well. I don't mind the hassle of flying; sure long flights can get dull, and passengers can get vocal. I am grateful now to have a tablet computer which I can pre-load with guilty pleasures such as: ads for "Kargo Kids," "New Girl," and "Discovery Of Witches." Air travel, is the quiet I deserve that allows me the luxury of curling up with a movie.

I admire the flight attendants on both WestJet and Alaska Air whom always seem to have a smile on their faces and a quick joke to make you smile. So thank you WestJet, and thank you Alaska for your positive public persona's, and putting up with so many irritable passengers (my self included).

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