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Friday, June 8, 2012

Watch: The Father Of Invention

"Father of Invention" is a wickedly funny movie that satires The American Dream. Father of invention was originally released in 2010 by  Trigger Street Productions. The movie in my opinion did not receive adequate promotion, because Trigger Studio was busy promoting "The Social Network." Father Of Invention is "pee yourself funny," and the humor is complemented by a sweet and sincere plot.

The movie cast, for the most part incredible. Kevin Spacey is a genius, Virginia Madsen is comic gold, John Stamos is sooo pretty, and Craig Robinson is the next Bernie Mac. The only weak link to the star infused ensemble cast was Camillia Belle who really can't act. In her defense though, what would you expect from a ex jonas bro gf?

Father of invention is the story of Robert Axle a One Time master innovator and infomercial brand extraordinaire, whom  was the concept behind so many genius inventions including the faulty "Abs Lounger/ TV Remote. In true reckless fashion the abs surfer was faulty product responsible for the amputation of customers fingers. The product was pulled from the market, and Axle found himself behind bars for gross product recklessness. After 8 years in prison Axle is released, and forced out and back in to the real world with no job, and a family that has happily moved on. The story is the comical telling of family reunited by imperfections, and the persistence necessary to achieve success.

I highly recommend adding "Father of Invention" to your movie cue, or loading it on your tablet for your next  flight. You will enjoy it.

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